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  I only regret that I gave but one life to lose for my country.

  [注解] 语出美国独立战争英雄 Nathan Hale(内森·黑尔)。

  [译] 我惟一遗憾365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载我只有一次生命可以献给祖国。

  If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainty.

  [注解] 语出 Francis Bacon, 英国哲学家培根。

  [译] 如果以种种肯定365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载立论开始,他必将以各种怀疑而告终;但如果他宁愿以怀疑开始,他必将以肯定365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载结论而告终。

  If each would sweep before his own door, weshould have a clean city (or street)。

  [注解] 指社会整体365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载福利依靠组成社会365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载各个人365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载行为表现。 比喻众擎易举。

  [译] 家家都把门口打扫干净,就有清洁365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载城市。

  If you are too fortunate, you will not knowyourself; if you are too unfortunate, nobody will know you.

  [译] 时来运转,得意忘形;运气太坏,无人理会。

  If you want peace, prepare for war.

  [译] 欲求和平,必先备战。

  Ignorance of the law excuses no one. (or Igno-rance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. )

  [译] 对法律无知不能免罪;不懂法不能作为免罪365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载口实。

  In a calm sea, every man is a pilot.

  [译] 在平静365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载海洋,人人都可当舵手。

  In a thousand pounds of law there is not an

  ounce of love.

  [译] 在一千镑365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载法律里,没有一盎司365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载爱;法律无情不徇私。

  In books, are embalmed the greatest thoughts

  of all ages.

  [译] 历代最伟大365滚球app下载推荐- 最新版APP下载思想都载入史册而不朽。

  In time of peace prepare for war.

  [译] 居安思●!

  In wine there is truth.

  [译] 酒后吐真言。 

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