The Voice and Face of Your Locality

Locality Ambassadors are the face and voice of your locality and, who possess the maximum information about their locality on wide array of topics, say from best offers in the neighborhood boutique to major events in nearby stadium.


To be the Locality Ambassador, all that you essentially need to do is enroll online at by furnishing your personal details and choose a locality to participate in our contest that would display YOUR talent and knowledge about YOUR locality. You can also register through the advertisements on other websites, through billboards, radio and all the other mediums at regular intervals.


Upon registration, the candidates then will be assessed as well as evaluated on their awareness of the information about the locality, on a wide spectrum of areas including:

  • Locality Shopping
  • Locality Directory
  • Locality Tourism
  • Locality Classifieds
  • Locality Cinema

After various levels of assessment, the contenders will be shortlisted for semifinals, the semifinals for the contest will be run on air to choose the finalist for each locality and finally one contender for a designated locality will be chosen as WINNER. And like wise for 10 designated localities 10 finalists will be chosen.

The winners are then recognized with the title of LOCALITY AMBASSADOR and their photographs published on the Home Page of our official website, and will rewarded with gifts as well as an annual remuneration.

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