Online Presence is the Fundamental Right of the Retailer

Retailers, be they small, medium or whole sale businesses, form the very foundation of our nascent economy by contributing to more than 80% of our GDP and creating employment opportunities to more than 30% of skilled, semiskilled as well as unskilled Indian workforce.

It would be rather apt to note that, only close to 5% of the retailers has an access to an online medium to promote their businesses which clearly speaks volumes about the enormous digital divide that exists between the retailer and the end user. It is to bridge this huge chasm that initiated the Retailer Protection Program.

As said, Retailer is the pillar of our economy and likewise for our company. has embarked upon an exceptional and a never before initiative called 'Retailer Protection Program'. The primary and sole prerogative of this program is to protect and safeguard the interests of the retailers, by creating an On-line platform for the retailer to promote their business, which shall bridge the digital divide that exists between retailers and end users.

How It Works

RETAILER PROTECTION PROGRAM gives an opportunity to the retailer to get his business presence on World Wide Web (WWW) to explore plethora of opportunities, create a brand for his business and advertise his products & services online to acquire a wider customer base, thereby to his boost sales and increase profitability. Such factual business information about retailer's business offers is shared with end users online using various Digital marketing Tools to enable them make efficient decisions related buying of products and services.